Escort and Pilot Vehicles

Provision of Private Escort and Pilot Vehicles – We have a modern fleet of well-equipped escort and pilot vehicles based around the UK and ready to assist your project cargo at a moment’s notice.

Our fleet of escort vehicles and pilot cars provide nationwide abnormal load escort services for heavy transport, guaranteeing a safe and compliant delivery.

Our pilot cars are industry standard compliant and will escort your OOG cargo from collection to delivery point under the supervision of our highly skilled operatives.

MMC’s fleet of heavy haulage escort vehicles and pilot cars comply with the Highways Agency’s Self-Escorting of Abnormal Loads Code of Practice.  Coupled with this, our excellent workforce allows us to skilfully and safely escort any abnormal or wide load throughout the UK.

Route Surveys

Route Surveys – MMC Vehicle Escorts can carry out route surveys to assess the suitability of proposed routes for OOG and Abnormal Load Movements.  We provide an in depth route analysis of the entire route. Our operatives will take into account transport gradients, topography, street furniture and any other environmental factors to ensure that your cargo will be delivered safely and on time.

Permit and Special Movement Orders

Permit and Special Movement Orders – Our Permits Team prepares necessary notifications for third parties including abnormal load permits, BE16 Special Order and VR1 permits.  This service includes liaison with the various police authorities, local authorities and the inclusion of Highways Agencies “Water Preferred” documentation where required.

With meticulous planning in place ahead of each and every heavy transport project, MMC Vehicle Escorts can liaise with and arrange Police escorts and other demands specified by the various requirements demanded by the authorities.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for help and advise.