About MMC

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MMC Pilot & Vehicle Escorts was established in 2013 and is owned and managed by a team of highly qualified and experienced logistics professionals.
We provide the following services:-

  • Organise your abnormal permits for the UK Mainland and Irish movements
  • Carry out route surveys
  • Arrange Police Notifications
  • Provide a modern fleet of Pilot and Escort Vehicles, driven by experienced drivers who have been employed in the industry for over 30 years
  • Our vehicles are modern and fully comply with current legislation and they are equipped with all necessary equipment, such as 2 Fire Extinguishers, 6 Sets of Two Way Radios, Safety Cones & Marker Lights, First Aid Kits, Auxiliary Power Generator, Additional Emergency Lighting, Spill Dry Granules & Clean Up Equipment & Additional Safety / PPE Equipment
  • Our escort operatives can and will act a steersman for your drivers if required

Our escort vehicles are strategically based around the UK in East Yorkshire, Felixstowe & London and we can relocate these at very short notice.
We have both partners & clients and in various locations around the UK and Europe and we can respond at very short notice.

Meet the MMC Vehicle Escorts Team

Our management and operational team has over 40 years operational experience in the logistics and vehicle escorts industry which coupled with our extensive network of experienced agents & service providers around the world, makes us an ideal partner for any transport company..

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Operation Director


Just some of our valued customers

We understand that heavy transport escort projects require unique transport solutions, that's why the we offer a bespoke service to every single client.